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Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Prior to visiting a retail outlet:

1. Do your research

Have a Look at your preferred Brand’s website and familiarise yourself with their product offerings and which stockists closest to you carry the brand. Learn to distinguish between different comfort feels available i.e. Plush or Firm, innerspring systems and even mattress finishes i.e. Pamper Top vs Euro Top.

2. List your needs

The more information you can provide to your sales consultant about your individual needs, the more accurately they can recommend a mattress which is right for you.

Visiting your retail outlet:

1. Dress comfortably

It is important to wear light clothing so that there is as little as possible between you and the mattress you are testing.

You will need to lie down on the mattress and turn as you would during your normal sleep pattern.

2. Try mattresses with different tops and different materials, as the feels and support levels differ

Once in-store, you may want to try other mattresses than those you originally chose during your research. Try not to test too many different mattress models though as this will lead to option fatigue and you may end up feeling more confused and overwhelmed by the variety. If possible, limit yourself to 3 mattresses which suit your individual needs.

3. Take the “Rest Test”

Lie down on a mattress for ten minutes in order to get a real sense of whether it satisfies your comfort and support requirements. There is no rush to choosing the perfect mattress. Take your time, and ask the sales associate to give you a minute if needs be.

4. Feel free to ask any question of the sales associate

Your sales associate is there to assist and guide you through the process. Let them know of any questions or concerns you may have.

5. Try to narrow your selection down to 2 or 3 beds

As mentioned in our In-store tip no 2, more choices than this will be confusing and may leave you feeling overwhelmed rather than ecstatic about finding your perfect mattress.

6. Our favourite tip:

Never Stop Dreaming

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