Creating the best Sleeping Environment

Creating the best Sleeping Environment with King Koil


An ideal sleeping environment is a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space that engages your senses and creates a serene feeling to give you the best night’s sleep.

For your eyes

A dark room is essential for a good night’s sleep. As a result, it’s best to avoid light from electronic devices and outside. In addition, gradual light exposure will result in a gentler wake-up for a refreshed feeling. Light – or a lack thereof – is crucial to creating a serene sleeping environment.

What you hear

While some need complete silence to fall asleep, others may need some kind of noise. Whether you need white noise, calming music, or a soothing voice, you can download various apps. Make sure to set a timer for the app to stop playing, place your phone on airplane mode, then switch off the screen and relax. Your sleeping environment shouldn’t have noise throughout the night, as it can disrupt sleep. Alternatively, try comfortable earplugs if you prefer complete silence.

Feel the touch

Physical comfort is arguably the most important part of sleep, and it starts with the right mattress as the foundation for an optimal sleeping environment. A good mattress needs to be supportive, and it’s vital to invest in linens that feel good against your skin. A silk pillowcase is cooling and good for your skin and hair. Finally, keep your room cool at about 15 – 21°C to drift off to sleep easily.

Scents that help sleep

Use aromatherapy to turn your room into a sanctuary where you can relax your body and mind in preparation for sleep. Scents like pure lavender, vanilla, or Ylang will calm a busy mind and unwind tight muscles. Always make sure all candles and open flames are extinguished before you go to bed.

Sleep tight

King Koil has a range of premium mattresses that will ensure you have a good night’s rest in the sleep sanctuary you create. Find the right mattress for you today.

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