New mattress checklist | King Koil

With so many mattress options available, buying a new one can feel overwhelming. Our new mattress checklist is here to help.

A mattress can give you a great start to the day or be a pain in the back. If you wake up feeling worse than when you went to sleep, it’s definitely time to buy a mattress that’s engineered to support your body and align your spine.

Understanding mattress materials

Innerspring mattresses have coils for that traditional bounce and firm support.
Latex mattresses generally offer more bounce and are great for hot sleepers who need cooling down.
Memory foam mattresses contour to the body, offer excellent pressure relief and comfort those who sleep cold.
Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam or latex layers with an innerspring mattress for softness and support.

Healthcare recommendation

If you struggle with back or neck pain, chat to your doctor or physiotherapist about their recommendations based on your body and medical history.

Browse your options

Visit a few mattress stores and take your time to browse. It’s an important purchase that should last about a decade, so don’t rush into deciding. Instead, lie down, roll around and repeat on as many mattresses as you want until you find the one.

Support vs feel

Make sure you understand the difference between firm support and firm feel. A hard mattress can be very uncomfortable if it’s the feel and not support. The comfort feel is based on the different materials mentioned above.

Trials and warranties

Generally, mattress manufacturers offer a trial period during which they guarantee free returns. However, make sure you understand the conditions and verify a warranty on your mattress or base set before you purchase.

Protect your sleep

Since your new mattress should last for at least ten years, it’s a good idea to buy a waterproof mattress protector. It protects your warranty, which could be void if there are stains on the mattress and keeps your bed more hygienic.

Price doesn’t equal quality

An expensive mattress doesn’t guarantee high quality or comfort. Before you start shopping, set a clear budget that includes a mattress protector and new bedding. You should buy a bed that is comfortable for both your body and your wallet.

Take the plunge

A mattress is a critical investment that can affect the quality of your sleep and health. King Koil has a range of premium mattresses that will ensure you have a good night’s rest. Find the right mattress for you today.