Sharing A Bed with Your Partner – Get Better Sleep

Sharing A Bed with Your Partner

Couples often have a hard time getting quality sleep when sharing a bed. Getting comfortable with someone else in your bed can be challenging and tiring. Finding a solution to the problems that keep you awake will ensure better sleep for both partners and a healthier relationship.

Common challenges when sharing a bed

The most common ways a person can disrupt their partner’s rest include:
• Snoring
• Tossing and turning
• Different sleep cycles
• Different temperature preferences

Tips for better sleep when sharing a bed for you both

There are a few possible solutions to get better quality sleep for both partners.

Get a bigger mattress

A queen-sized mattress is the most popular choice for two average-sized adults and allows each person more space to sleep and move. If you find the idea of buying a new mattress daunting, the experts at King Koil can talk you through your options to ensure you find a bed perfect for your needs and your budget.
If your current mattress is still in good condition, you can move it to a bed in the spare room or donate it to a local charity.

So long snoring

Snoring is not only the most common sleeping problem between bed partners but could also indicate your partner has allergies or an underlying sleep disorder. However, there are some suggestions for both parties.
The snorer should try to sleep on their side to keep their airways open. In addition, they could try over-the-counter treatments like nasal strips and decongestants.

The suffering partner can wear earplugs and use a white noise machine for a soothing ambiance to cover the snoring sounds.

Different sleep schedules

Often couples have different sleep schedules and chronotypes. For example, night owls may disrupt early birds’ rest when they finally go to bed, while a morning person’s pre-dawn rise could bother the partner who’s only recently fallen asleep.
Fortunately, you both can get a good night’s sleep on different sleep schedules, provided you each sleep according to your specific schedule. Be careful when you enter or leave the bed not to wake your partner.

Sleep positions

The correct sleep position helps you to sleep with your bed partner comfortably. And while the idea of comfort can be different for both of you, there’s sure to be a position suitable for everyone.

Talk it out

As with many areas in a relationship, restful sleep may require some compromise, and it’s crucial to discuss these challenges and find solutions together. For example, if one partner sleeps cold, they might need an extra blanket or two. If one’s sleep schedule is earlier, they could use an eye mask and earplugs. By chatting about the things that keep you awake openly and fairly, you’re likely to find options that work for your both.

Still sleep-deprived?

If either of you is still experiencing regular sleep disturbances, you might want to consider consulting your doctor to rule out a sleep disorder, which can ruin the sleep of both parties. In addition, conditions like insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can affect you mentally and physically.
In other cases, the two of you might struggle to sleep well together despite being completely compatible otherwise. As a result, you might give sleeping apart a try. Good sleep is as vital to a healthy relationship as it is for your personal health. More couples are sleeping in separate rooms to ensure they are rested and energised, allowing them to give their best to their partner.

It’s always advisable to rule out other options before resorting to sleeping apart, but if all else fails, it’s helpful to know there’s another option.

Sleeping better together

Sharing your bed with your partner can be a wonderful experience but often requires some compromise. With open and communication, sharing a bed can be a snooze.

Take the first step to better sleep when you share a bed by replacing your mattress. King Koil has a range of premium mattresses to give you both have the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep – whether in the same bed or separate rooms. Find the right mattress for you today.