Sleeping with your socks on

Sleeping with your socks on

Many people may battle falling asleep because their feet are cold. The blood vessels in cold feet are constricted causing less blood to circulate. Warming your feet before you go to bed not only ensures you drift off to sleep faster, but it can also give your brain a clear signal that it’s time to go to bed. The easiest and safest way to warm your feet is by wearing socks.

The benefits

Some women find that wearing socks to bed helps to cool their core body temperature, preventing hot flushes.

Wearing cotton socks after moisturising your feet can help prevent your heels from drying out and improve the condition of cracked heels.

Raynaud’s disease results in fingers and toes starting to throb and swell when circulation to these extremities decrease. Wearing socks to bed keeps your feet warm and blood circulating well, preventing an attack that could disrupt your sleep.

The socks

The best choice are socks made of natural soft fibres such as merino wool. They are more expensive than cotton or artificial fibre socks, but they are definitely worth it. Ensure the socks fit properly but are not too tight. Only wear compression socks at night if they were prescribed by your doctor as they aren’t meant to be worn to bed.

The pre-bed warming ritual

To enhance circulation and warm your feet before going to bed, give your feet a little massage with some moisturising cream. While you’re doing this, sit on your socks to warm them. Once a foot’s nice and toasty, slip on the sock and repeat on the other foot.

If you find yourself overheating while you sleep, kick off your socks but keep your feet under the covers. Having a warm bath will also relax your body. Have a soak with some fragrant essential oils before moisturising your feet and putting on your socks.

A good night’s sleep

Warming up your feet can help you drift off to sleep faster. But even the warmest, softest cashmere socks won’t help you sleep better if your mattress is old and lumpy. Find the best bed to match your sleep socks for a good night’s sleep every night, starting tonight.